Born in Verdun, France, Stephen spent his younger years moving with his family to Germany, Italy and Puerto Rico.  Later he relocated to the United States and has lived in locations from California to New York, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi and now Pennsylvania.  Through his travels, Stephen developed a deep appreciation for the landscape and seascape and the relationship humans have with these sites in nature. 

An inspirational setting is paramount in the creation process.  Capturing light and the vibration between two colors while building the painting surface with loose, vibrant brushwork is his goal.  Stephen was influenced by artist that had a direct painting method, capturing a gesture or objects with simple yet lively brush strokes.  Artist like, Wayne Thiebaud, early Edward Hopper and John Singer Sargeant.Artist painting

Stephen graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in painting and figure drawing.  He was featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine and has received numerous honors for his talents. Stephen's paintings reside in homes and businesses from California, Florida, and throughout the northeast and Europe. He exhibits extensively at outdoor art shows in the northeast, midwest, the eastern seaboard  as well as galleries in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.


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